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Grade 4 Students Collect Cereal Boxes for Haiti

December 20, 2016
Niverville Elementary School in Niverville, Manitoba has a Grade 4 Social Justice group called Team NOVA. Each Christmas, they choose a charity for the school to be involved in. This year, they decided on FIDA’s  “Boxes to Beads” program which encourages children to participate in a business model to support parents in Haiti so they do not have to give up their children for adoption or to orphanages because they simply cannot provide for them. Children collect cereal boxes and send them to FIDA here they get delivered to Haiti and turned into beads, The beads are made into bracelets which the children then sell. The profits are then reinvested in Haitian cooperatives. Judy Hiebert, Principal of Niverville Elementary School says they choose the FIDA program for several reasons:
• Haitians are more in need than most people in Manitoba.
• People in Haiti are dealing with natural disasters such as hurricanes.
• This is a project that all Kindergarten to Grade 4 children can understand and participate in.
• We recycle anyway, so we might as well be helping.
• It doesn't involve money right away. We will buy the jewelry later.
The class  was very excited  to count out 763 boxes that the school collected!
For more information on you can participate contact Betsy Wall at or 519-886-9520.
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