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Haiti Escapes the Wrath of Hurricane Irma

September 13, 2017
Haiti Escapes the Wrath of Hurricane Irma

For a country that has certainly seen its share of disaster, this time, Hurricane Irma whirled by. For the most part, and to its credit, the Government of Haiti seemed prepared. For FIDA/pcH, our partners were poised to provide support to cooperative communities that were most vulnerable. The calls and emails of concern were a source of comfort and affirmation. For this, we are forever grateful. While several areas experienced considerable rain and minor flooding, Hurricane Irma did no significant damage to Haiti. We remain prayerful for the millions who fell in her wake.

We understand the impact of devastation and the spirit required to rise again. The southern departments of Haiti that suffered so greatly from Hurricane Matthew last October, continue to require our time and resources as they seek to restore their lives and livelihoods. Activities toward this end are in motion. Your investment is multiplied in their will and motivation to once again, be fully and wholly productive citizens.

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