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Protests in Haiti

July 09, 2018
Protests in Haiti

Once again, Haiti is making headlines with tire-burning protests over the government’s proposed tax hike on fuel (up to 58%).  The situation remains complicated after two fiery days of rioting in Port au Prince.  We appreciate the calls and emails of concern and can report that all pcH staff are safe and well.  Agronômes Charles Legrand, Yves Charles and  pcH driver, Walkens are presently in the field in Duchity.  It was impossible for them to return to Port au Prince on Friday due to the blockades. They attempted again to return on Sunday but travel remained unsafe due to multiple roadblocks in  Les Cayes, Miragoane, Ti Goave, Mariani and Carrefour. The decision was taken to spend the week working in Duchity on the Kreyol Garden project and the World Renew/CFGB agricultural project. The situation in Port au Prince is still not safe as the rioting continues. The people are demanding for the president to resign. The opposition parties have called for general strike  for today (Monday, July 9th) and  for tomorrow. There is no public transportation, all offices and businesses are closed. People confine themselves to their homes for fear of being harmed. The staff remains steadfast and with them, we pray for a safe return to their families.

Wall’s International Guest House staff and guests remain safe although there was tire-burning outside the gates. The Mayor of Delmas ordered immediate clean up of all debris in his consituency. The 24 guests have had to defer their plans but all report that they feel safe and secure. Access to fuel, food and water is more of a challenge but Guest House Manager, Veniel Jean, assures that a way will be found to keep everyone cool, fed and hydrated. FIDA Head Office is in regular contact with Haiti and will report any further updates.

Thank you again to everyone for your support and your caring…

Betsy Wall
Executive Director

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