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Foundation for International Development Assistance productive cooperatives HAITI

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Executive Director: Patrick Bentrott, M.Div.

Patrick Bentrott has worked with Haiti for the past seven years, including two years living and working in Port-au-Prince. He brings to the job a seminary degree, a passion for international development and Haitian culture, and a profound belief in human potential. Through numerous experiences in Haiti that include teaching, coaching basketball, caring for orphans, and surviving the earthquake Patrick has developed a deep appreciation for Haiti and the beautiful people who inhabit its land. He considers Haiti to be a powerful teacher that all too often provides the not-so-gentle nudge towards humility and the truth of human connectedness. Without question, Patrick believes it a tremendous privilege to be in solidarity with such a fascinating and life-affirming country.

Patrick is married to Dr. Kimberly Bentrott. They have three children: Valancia and Solomon who are natives of Haiti, and Samara who is a Colorado native. Patrick and his family reside on the side of a mountain about an hour west of Denver. 

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